STS Benefits – An Added Bonus to the Compensation Package

STS Benefits – An Added Bonus to the Compensation Package

At STS, we strive to offer our entire team a very competitive benefits package.  However, some of the added benefits can be overlooked. Check out some of the most common benefits that some employees are not aware of!

MeMD Telemedicine


  • What is MeMD Telemedicine?
    • MeMD is a telehealth company that aims to provide online care for common illnesses & injuries. This is a complimentary service offered by Aflac for all STS employees, regardless of whether or not you have insurance through STS.
    • The MeMD Telemedicine benefit is available through Apple or Android devices, or any PC with a camera, and may also be used via telephone without camera access.
  • For more information:
  • Call 855-636-3669 or visit                                                                                                                                                                               

Tobacco Cessation Program                                                                              


  • What is a Tobacco Cessation Program?
    • The Tobacco Cessation Program, allows smokers/tobacco users to work with experienced specialists that provide customized quit plans, counseling, and support. It is a great incentive to help smokers/tobacco users to quit, it helps reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, and allows smokers to get the non-smoker insurance rates.
  • For more information:
    • Call: 877-448-7848 (TN Residence Only) or 800-565-9140 (Residence in other US States)
    • Tobacco Cessation – Begin a Better Quality of Life:




  • What is GoodRx?
    • As prescription prices continue to escalate, STS has found a great resource to minimizethose costs. Good Rx is a prescription drug savings card, where you can save up to 80% on prescription drugs at virtually every U.S. pharmacy.
  • Benefits of GoodRx:
    • GoodRx is not at insurance, it is service that will you find lower prescription prices
    • You can use GoodRx instead of your prescription insurance if the cost is lower
    • GoodRx is 100% free and works for every member of your family
    • GoodRx has a powerful free mobile app and website that can help you save money by locating the lowest prescription prices at your local pharmacies.
    • For more information visit or call at 855-268-2822
  • GoodRx’s free, easy-to-use mobile app offers:
    • Instant access to the lowest prices for prescription drugs at more than 75,000 pharmacies
    • Coupons & savings tips that can cut your prescription costs by 50% or more
    • Side effects, pharmacy hours & locations, pill images, and much more
    • Visit to download the app.


Vision Coverage


  • Benefits of Ameritas:
    • Low cost annual eye exam co-pay
    • Eye glass frames or contact lenses allowance + discount
    • Laser Corrective surgery discount
  • For more information: Call 800-487-5553 or visit for more details.




  • iOS and Android Compatible app that allows employees to view benefit plans 24/7
  • Access group #’s and review detailed plan information
  • Tap to Call Feature to contact insurance companies quick
  • Store ID Card Images
  • And Much More


 To learn more about available benefits, contact STS benefits coordinator Danielle at 615-622-0923


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