Recognition for 100% On Time Delivery Performance with General Motors

Recognition for 100% On Time Delivery Performance with General Motors

At STS, our goal is to provide the most efficient on time delivery experience. We strive to exceed customer’s expectations by offering superior service. We are thankful our driver family works diligently to uphold these standards.

 We would like to recognize our STS drivers: for an outstanding performance, for planning ahead, for being flexible & for going the extra mile to exceed our customer’s needs at GM.

During March 2020 the percentage of STS on time deliveries with General Motors was 100%. STS reached out to the drivers working on the GM account for tips on how to consistently make on time & safe deliveries.

  • Heather – Heather stated she strives to perform her job as efficiently as possible. She preplans her trips by preparing for the day ahead of time. Her preplanning involves a structured routine. She begins her day at a set time each day, and watches for detours along her route. Heather calls her truck “her oasis”. When she is driving, she likes to stay prepared, and says that “plenty of rest is very important”. She does not communicate with most people after a certain hour, so she gets plenty of rest. Heather also does not watch TV, because she considers it a distraction, and she may not get the required rest. When she has a break from driving, she enjoys focusing on her school.
  • CourtenteyCourtentey stated he stays motivated. He gets plenty of rest, gets up on time each day, and “gets after it”. A positive attitude is super.
  • WesleyWes stated he is very passionate & humble about his driving career. He said he is always “focused on driving”, probably more than the average.
  • RodRod said he preplans well for his routes. He stated that preplanning has helped him tremendously. When he receives his load information, he studies it. He says “it’s important to understand your route, and not leave things to chance”. Rod mentioned he reviews what overnight parking options are available & close to the customer location, so he can prevent any.

Thank you for sharing some of your best practices. We appreciate your professionalism, and contribution to STS. Excellent Work!


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