FMCSA Field-Testing Wireless Roadside Inspection System

FMCSA Field-Testing Wireless Roadside Inspection System You’re driving down the road and approaching a truck weigh/inspec­tion station. An amber light blinks on the dash, advising that your driver and vehicle credentials, vehicle condition and trip information are being gathered and transmitted to the inspection station’s computers for analysis. A few moments later, the light blinks green. Dan Murray, vice president of research at the American Transpor­tation Research Institute arm of the American Trucking Associations, has been watching and participating in the development of these programs through an organization called the Trucking Industry Mobility and Technology Coalition. It’s jointly managed by ATRI, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the U.S. DOT, ATA and others, and is developing a road map or a framework that shows what all this stuff is doing and what impact it all might have on the players involved.