Our Equipment

  As a driver, your down time, wait time and maintenance delays are often directly connected to the age of the fleet. With older tractors, you’ll be in the shop more, have increased roadside risks and in general, spending unproductive time when you could be putting miles behind you. STS owns a fleet of new 2015-2020 Volvo, Mack and Freightliner trucks.  These gleaming beauties will provide  you safety on the road and increase your time on the job.  In addition, they are sure to save money with greater fuel economy and fewer maintenance concerns.


Safety and Technology


STS is deeply committed to the safety of our associates. We know the risks that come with each mile not only for our drivers and their families but for each driver who shares the road with us.  We understand that safety training and support is one of the best resources we can offer our drivers. Our approach is proactive. We provide drivers with safe, dependable, well-maintained equipment, and a quality maintenance facility which serves the needs of our drivers.

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