Benefits of No Touch Freight

Benefits of No Touch Freight

As an STS professional truck driver, we understand your goal is to get freight from your starting destination to your ending destination as efficiently and as safely as possible. At STS, our goal continues is to partner with and service customers who offer no touch freight. This allows our drivers to do what they do best: drive.

No-touch freight is exactly what it sounds like – freight that does not require the driver to touch. We understand that drivers prefer to spend their time driving, which is why STS also offers stop & detention pay.

Why does STS choose to be a NO TOUCH FREIGHT carrier?

It Saves Our Drivers Time

Your time is valuable. Both the loading and unloading process can take a fair amount of time depending on what you are hauling. No touch freight gives drivers a chance to take a quick nap, call a loved one, or just relax while the freight is being unloaded and conserve energy for driving.

Less Responsibility for You

You have enough responsibility. Operating a truck safely and efficiently on the road is plenty responsibility for any professional driver. At STS we understand drivers are in and out of their trucks for various reasons: pick-ups & deliveries, pre-trip & post-trip inspections, and fueling or grabbing a bite to eat. Handling the freight on a loading dock adds even more responsibility. Working for a no-touch freight carrier allows drivers to spend more time where their money is made – behind the wheel!


Your safety is important. Moving and lifting freight can result in very serious injury, especially for someone who just spent a few hours sitting in a truck. When drivers have to help load and unload their trucks, they greatly increase their chances of back, shoulder, and neck injuries. With elevated platforms, heavy cargo, and machinery like forklifts and dock ramps, a lot can go wrong in a loading bay. With no-touch freight customers, these loading docks have their own well experienced team that fully understands the proper procedures, taking the pressure off our drivers. Handling freight is also physically and mentally exhausting. Not having to handle freight allows your body & mind more time to rest before starting your route.


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