Get to Know Our CEO

Get to Know Our CEO

Ramsey was born in Livonia, MI, which is a suburb of Detroit, and moved to middle Tennessee at the age of 4. His father was recruited to Nissan by his former boss in Detroit. Ramsey is blessed with wonderful, supportive parents who still live in the area and love to see their grandchildren as much as possible.

Ramsey started his career as an accountant upon graduation from college in 1998. He went to work for a local accounting firm but soon realized that being an accountant was not what he wanted his life long career to be. In 2000, one of his clients was a trucking company in need of a CFO, and the owner recruited Ramsey for the position.

Ramsey and his wife Melody have been married for 16 years. They met at a baby shower. Melody’s friend was the guest of honor, the father to be was one of Ramsey’s co-workers. Melody stays busy with the kids, but when there is time, she likes to craft and has a real knack for interior decorating. They have two beautiful girls, Sidney 14, and Lexie 9. The girls enjoy athletics, including volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Both girls enjoy art and drawing, and Sidney has become an excellent guitar player. Ramsey is thankful that the girls got their artistic genes from Melody. They love school and are very self-motivated…. wonder where they get that trait? Ramsey is very close to his older brother, who lives in Murfreesboro as well.

Now for some fun……

We all know the man behind the desk that day in and day out works hard to provide the best environment for his drivers and staff. His quiet presence is always a comfort to us, and we know that he is extremely fair in all of his decisions, no matter how hard they may be. But what about the man when he is away from his desk and STS……

Ramsey enjoys a round of golf when he can find some free time……he admits to being pretty competitive!

His passions include his beliefs, his family, and STS. He puts his all into those three things!!!

Family and traditions are important to him. His youngest daughter, Lexie, coined the name Family Game Night, and it has become one of their most cherished traditions. They love to play, anything from board games to card games, together and try as often as they can to put this on their schedule.

And 15 minutes of fame…. Nope, not for him…. He doesn’t like being the center of attention! He prefers to be a behind the scenes type of guy.

Ramsey is thankful for all the hard work and effort that our drivers and staff have put in during COVID – 19, and is confident that STS is poised for a healthy recovery and even brighter future when the economy “opens back up”.


About Specialized Transportation Services…
Specialized Transportation Services (STS) is a leading transportation company who employs highly qualified drivers, utilizes the latest technologies and leverages the most advanced logistics management practices to deliver the best possible service to our customers and our drivers. From our drivers to our customer service, management, and office personnel, STS is built on nothing less than a team of dedicated professionals who care about the safe transportation of our customers’ products. We are committed to adding staff and drivers who have an exceptional work ethic and the desire to satisfy the customer.