Our Services

Partnering with STS gives you a competitive advantage by reducing transportation costs and optimizing supply chain management.  Our wide array of services provide efficiency from the moment the order is placed until it arrives at the customer’s dock with effective shipment handling at each point in the process

STS Provides

Truckload, Dry van

Shipments are safe with us. We take every precaution to deliver the product damage free and on time.

Expedited Delivery

Today’s business relies on “Just in Time” product handling. We are your partner in success by meeting your goals and requirements every time.

Milk Runs

We save money by carefully analyzing the needs of our customers and planning routes around strategically placed suppliers; efficiency and payback at its very best.

Local Cartage

Our local runs are economical and efficiently planned to make sure you send and receive your shipments quickly and affordably.

Freight Bill Auditing

We present the finest in freight bill processing with our invoicing software, but, more importantly our knowledgeable billing associates are accurate and always on the lookout for ways to increase our value to your company.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our EDI system talks seamlessly to other systems enabling you and your partners to track your shipment or simply integrate with other necessary reporting mechanisms to proactively manage your logistics.

When it comes to service, STS helps manage supply chains, and transportation costs with the ease and cost savings you expect.  Contact us to discuss these and other first class services from STS.