Army Strong

Army Strong

When you think of anniversaries and birthdays, it comes to mind that they should be celebrated for more than just a day.  They each represent a day of importance be it the beginning or ending of some one or some event.  This month we are celebrating the “birthday” of the United States Army.  June 14th marked the founding day, but Army Strong deserves much more than just one day.  This week we interviewed Tim Britt, Director of Customer Satisfaction and member of the STS Operations team, on how his time in the Army influenced his life.


Tim’s desire to serve in the military was fueled by the fact that his dad and several other family members had served in the US Army.  He, too, chose the Army because of the incentives, such as the GI Bill, it offered that provided financial assistance for college at the time of his enlistment.  He attended enlisted basic training at Ft. Sill OK and officer basic training at Ft Lee VA.  He also attended Airborne training at FT Benning GA and Airborne Rigger training at FT Lee VA.  While enlisted he served as a Fire Detection Specialist in Artillery division and, later he was commissioned as an Officer in the Quatermaster Corps. 


He did have the opportunity to travel to several locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran.  Ponce, Puerto Rico and Savannah, GA are two of his favorites.  He can’t say the same for Saudi Arabia and the desert….SAND IN EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!


The Army demonstrated to Tim the importance of teamwork, teamwork toward mission accomplishment.  He said that there was no division base on race, creed, ethnicity or political view.  They were a brotherhood of Army Green and everyone pulled their weight to take care of the person next to them.  He also learned the importance of Standards. Everything in the Army had a standard operating procedure and once established, it was followed all the way up and down the chain of command.  With teamwork and notion of standards, he saw the good leadership skills demonstrated to him.  His take away for leading his life is that a person’s most valuable resource is the people around him.  Don’t ask anyone to do something you cannot or are not willing to do yourself and always take of those around you and they will take care of you.


STS would like to thank you, Tim, for the 11 years that you served, sacrificed and protected our country.  The commitment of you and the rest of the family of STS Veterans have provided us with the freedom and abundance that this country is privileged to.


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