Being Equipped to Provide Exceptional Equipment

Being Equipped to Provide Exceptional Equipment

The trucking industry is fast paced, hurry up and wait, and slow down to avoid obstacles along the way. It can be quite challenging paying attention to everything that an STS driver encounters each day. The same thought process applies to what our STS Maintenance/Shop team provides to support drivers and to maintain the best equipment for our team on the road each day.

The Three C’s that matter to provide exceptional equipment are:

  • Communication

DriversIt begins with reporting issues timely.  If a driver at STS has a maintenance issue, we ask that they communicate that immediately.  An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. The Maintenance/Shop team are here to make life easier for our drivers each day.

Operations/ShopThis team will work in unison to provide a time that drivers may be routed through the Shop for maintenance or repairs that fits all schedules. We are all time focused.  Allotting enough time for the driver to meet delivery times, and for the Shop to complete the task, is critical to both Operations and the Maintenance/Shop team.

  • Consistent Scheduling

The team at STS takes pride in all that our jobs require of us.  To provide the best experience for the driver and to assure that maintenance and repairs are completed thoroughly, scheduling is an important aspect of equipment maintenance.

  • Cleanliness

The COVID-19 pandemic, to some degree, has changed how we all will perform our jobs going forward.  From a health standpoint, cleanliness is a very high priority in every industry. Our Shop team prepares each truck through disinfecting, sterilizing, and taking precautions to assure that trucks are presented to drivers in a safe manner. Please remember, cleanliness is a team effort, so drivers too are asked to provide a safe work environment inside the cab when bringing a unit in for service.

Rodney C., Director of Maintenance & Equipment, discussed how valuable it is to understand the pre-trip inspection process.  Rodney said this process allows the truck to have a visual inspection and be road worthy before the driver departs.  Drivers must check oil, coolant, and take the walk around the truck.  This creates opportunity to address minor issues before they become major issues on the road.

STS provides the tools for good repairs, good preventive maintenance, and good scheduling.  If we work together and communicate well, we can achieve this.


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Specialized Transportation Services (STS) is a leading transportation company who employs highly qualified drivers, utilizes the latest technologies and leverages the most advanced logistics management practices to deliver the best possible service to our customers and our drivers. From our drivers to our customer service, management, and office personnel, STS is built on nothing less than a team of dedicated professionals who care about the safe transportation of our customers’ products. We are committed to adding staff and drivers who have an exceptional work ethic and the desire to satisfy the customer.