♪ Come and Listen to My Story About a Man Named ‘Struggler’ ♪

♪ Come and Listen to My Story About a Man Named ‘Struggler’ ♪

Well he’s an ol mountaineer, working to keep his family fed… and we’re pretty sure when you look up friendly in the dictionary, this is one of the men you may see. Not only is Yusef one of the nicest guys you’d ever want to meet, he always wears a 1,000-kilowatt smile.

How He Got His Start… (♪not shootin at some food, and up through the ground come some bubblin crude ♪)

Trucking comes naturally to Yusef. Not only does he have truckers in his extended family, but his mom was also a truck driver in her earlier years. He obtained his CDL on his own (much to the dismay of a former employer) and has a lot of the “old-fashioned driving habits” that he learned from a trainer with a former company. That’s definitely not a bad thing.

Oh, How Times Change… (♪thankfully not loading up the truck and moving to Beverly ♪)

When at home, Yusef likes to do things around the house and keep up the yard work. He is pretty adventurous with the foods (ask him about watermelon jerky) he tries, even trying sushi for the first time after a little bit of prodding from his recruiter a couple of years ago. His favorite food is Chinese, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. He also likes to farm and go shooting in his spare time. ♫ And the next thing you know, ol Yusef’s a millionaire ♫ Just a few months ago, Yusef and his wife welcomed a new addition to their young family-a healthy baby boy by the name of Ethan.

We appreciate you and everything you do, Yusef!(♪set a spell, take your shoes off ♪)

If you happen to see him around, give him a pat on the back for being a well-respected part of our team, and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (celebrating in February) while you are at it! We want to see everyone ♪‘come back now, y’hear’♪

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